Hi, my name is Krissy.

I'm an artist & creative consultant.

Beyond + Back is a podcast I created to explore the connection between creativity and the great beyond.

If you're looking to tap in to your creativity, lift your limitations, uncap your own thinking or get inspired, I made this podcast for you.

Let's go beyond our own limitations and bring inspiration back to our daily lives.

In each episode I interview a creative person about their creative process, where inspiration comes from, and their connection to the unknown. These are free-range, free-associating conversations. We won't investigate crime or tell you how to build a six figure business. You might leave with more questions than answers. If I can churn up curiosity and a little mystery and leave you feeling inspired, I've done my job.


the beyond + back podcast:

  • Is released twice a month
  • is recorded & edited by Krissy Teegerstrom

Logo, design + website by Featherweight Studio.

Microphones courtesy of Aston Mics USA.

iRig Pro DUO audio interface courtesy of IK Multimedia.

Theme and instrumental music courtesy of Davíd Garza.

Executive production + moral support by John Doe.

Special thanks to these kind people for their early support of this project: John Doe, Laurie Trombley, Davíd Garza, Nathan Carter, Tom DeSavia, Elena Nommensen, Jeff Klein, Harris Thurmond.