6: The Noise Floor with Jerry Harrison



TRT 1:03:51 - 10/13/18

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From Mill Valley, California, we go beyond & back with songwriter, musician & entrepreneur Jerry Harrison.


Jerry Harrison may be best known for being in two extremely influential bands: The Modern Lovers and Talking Heads. He’s had great success as a music producer with bands including Live, No Doubt, and most recently Le Butcherettes, He’s been involved in film, start-ups, he’s in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, he’s maintained a creative career for over 50 years and he has a knack for knowing where to invest his energy. 

In this conversation we talk about self-doubt, family bonds, ghosts, art & academia, and collaborating with large personalities. I want to thank Jerry for how present and forthcoming he was in this conversation, and I’m excited to share it with you. 

AUDIO featured in this episode:

  • Theme music by Davíd Garza.

  • First song: “Remain Calm” by Jerry Harrison from Walk on Water

  • Second song: “Life During Wartime (live)” by Talking Heads

  • Third song: “Girlfriend” by The Modern Lovers

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