4: Getting Unblocked with Kime Buzzelli


Episode 4 // KIME BUZZELLI

TRT 55:14 - 9/15/18

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In this episode, we go beyond & back with Kime Buzzelli.

Kime is an accomplished painter and owns The End Yucca Valley, a vintage oasis in the Mojave Desert featuring clothing, jewelry, textiles and art.

I spoke with Kime in her secret new art studio in the high desert near Joshua Tree, California.

Kime’s new studio in the high desert of California

Kime’s new studio in the high desert of California


I met Kime a couple years ago on my first trip to Joshua Tree. I came to know her as a tastemaker, stylist, costume designer and a supporter of artists - she was one of the first shop owners to carry my one-of-a-kind art-to-wear jackets. 

For a long time, I had no idea of Kime’s career as a painter — she’s shown in galleries and had partnerships with major brands. It wasn’t something she readily mentioned, which still kind of shocks me.

I was really curious why she didn’t mention that sooner, and I wanted to see her new work. That’s when I found out she hadn’t been painting.

What would cause an accomplished artist to experience a creative block?

In this episode we talk about that creative block, putting in the hours toward your creative practice, what we’ve learned from our work and much more.

AUDIO featured in this episode:

  • Theme music by Davíd Garza.

  • First break: “Waves” by Chelan

  • Second break: “Dear Miracle” by Chelan

  • Third break: “What We Know Now” by Chelan

  • Fourth break: “What We Know Now” by Chelan

  • Fifth break: “Dear Miracle” by Chelan

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