5: Come Rain or Come Shine with Robert Lopez


Episode 5 // ROBERT LOPEZ

TRT 1:03:51 - 9/29/18

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From Seattle, Washington, we go beyond & back with musician and entertainer Robert Lopez.


Perhaps best known as El Vez, the Mexican Elvis, Lopez is a lifelong creator, starting in his teenage years in the Los Angeles punk scene and continuing to make art today with his latest creation, Mr. Bob and The Unhappy Hour.

He is a singer, songwriter, actor, a sincere trickster. He'll make you laugh and cry. He’s calculated and spontaneous, regal, radical, and subversive, his personal is always political. He is many things at the same time. 

This conversation rattled me a bit and I spent a lot of time reflecting on it. I invite you to listen for yourself, please forgive if I am more clumsy than usual, and at the end I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned. 

I talked with Robert Lopez in the kitchen of his beautiful Seattle home.

AUDIO featured in this episode:

  • Theme music by Davíd Garza.

  • First song: “Sonica USA” by Alejandro Escovedo

  • Second song: “Don’t Push Me Around” by The Zeros

  • Third song: “Esta Bien Mamacita” by El Vez

  • Fourth song: “En el Barrio” by El Vez

  • Fifth song: “Samba Para Tí” by El Vez


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