18: Skating Polly

18: Kelli Mayo & Peyton Bighorse of Skating Polly



TRT 1:03:36 // 9/21/19

In this episode, we go beyond and back with musicians Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse of the band Skating Polly.


Kelli Mayo is 19 years old and Peyton Bighorse is 23, but their band Skating Polly has already existed for 10 years. During that time they’ve played hundreds of live shows, toured with many of their heroes and released five studio recordings. They are a family band, Peyton’s mom and Kelli’s dad are a couple, and a few years ago they added their brother Kurtis Mayo on drums. 

This is a story of two women who were encouraged to be creative and express themselves, from a very young age. If you’re a parent, this episode shows the importance of sharing your love for creativity with your kids, and to encourage theirs. We all were kids once, so if you didn’t get encouraged as a child, this could be a vicarious pleasure to hear about Kelli and Peyton’s experience.

SKATING POLLY: Kurtis Mayo, Kelli Mayo, Peyton Bighorse [Photo by Michael Haight]

SKATING POLLY: Kurtis Mayo, Kelli Mayo, Peyton Bighorse [Photo by Michael Haight]

Kelli & Peyton’s story makes me think about what’s possible when we are encouraged to pursue our dreams. Many of us, including me, didn’t have encouraging or supportive parents, and we’ve also had serious dreamkillers along the way. Right now in my own journey, I’m seeing how important it is to do my work, without falling prey to doubt or distraction, without waiting for permission or approval. Because only we can give ourselves permission to do what we want to do. Nothing else is holding us back. Creativity is free, and it’s ours for the taking. 

Skating Polly tours all the time, and you owe it to yourself to go see a live show. They bring a level of passion, energy and musicianship that is galvanizing.




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  • “Louder in Outer Space (feat. Louise Post & Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt)” by Skating Polly from New Trick EP

  • “Queen For A Day (feat. Exene Cervenka)” by Skating Polly from The Make It All Show

  • Audio excerpt from Skating Polly’s first live show

  • “Play House” by Skating Polly


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