17: Davíd Garza, Musician & Artist

17: Davíd Garza



TRT 1:03:52 // 9/7/19

In this episode, we go beyond and back with songwriter and musician Davíd Garza.

Davíd Garza hails from Texas and has been making music and writing songs since the late 1980s. These days he collaborates with all sorts of artists; you might find him making music with Fiona Apple or scoring the recent Beto O’Rourke documentary.

He just released a book called Lost Rhyme which pairs 100 of his paintings alongside 100 poems, or song lyrics, he’s written. Davíd has generously allowed me to use several pieces of his music for this podcast, including the theme song. I never see David without a pad of paper or an instrument, he has a creative practice that’s a daily devotion. So in true Davíd fashion, he had a guitar and a book nearby so you’ll hear some readings and some strumming during this episode. We talked in his brother’s kitchen in Austin, Texas.

Davíd is in my inner circle of trusted art friends & this was just part of our ongoing conversations about creativity and what it’s like to choose to be an artist. I hope you enjoy listening in & I hope you find some good food for thought for your own creative practice. 


Hey frens, I’ve planned 10 episodes for Season 2, which means that after this one there are just three episodes left before Season 2 is wrapped. So far I’ve produced Seasons 1 & 2 entirely by myself (planning, recording, editing, promoting, pretty much everything). I definitely want to come back for Season 3 but to do that I’m going to be looking for some sort of partnership, support, network or collaboration to help with production and promotion. If you have any thoughts, contacts or ideas along these lines, email me at beyondandbackpodcast@gmail.com.




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