2: Taking Creative Risks with Allison Anders



TRT: 1:00:11 - EXPLICIT language - 8/18/18


In this episode we go Beyond + Back with award-winning independent filmmaker Allison Anders.

How do I introduce Allison Anders? I will give you the highlight reel: 

  • Her films include Border Radio, Mi Vida Loca, Gas Food Lodging, Sugartown, Grace of My Heart
  • She’s received a Peabody Award and a MacArthur Genius Grant
  • She's a loving mother and friend, a multi-faceted survivor
  • And she's kind of a badass in my opinion

I interviewed Allison at her home in Pasadena, California. Before I finished setting up the microphones in her cozy kitchen, we were already having a great conversation. I gotta tell you, we get real right away — In the first few minutes, we discuss her film Things Behind the Sun, which deals with the subject of sexual abuse similar to what Allison experienced in her own life, so be advised if that’s a sensitive or triggering subject for you.  

Other topics we discuss include the state of the DIY ethic, how mentorships should come about, how to connect with actors, and how she often starts a project with a question.

    Allison Anders head shot blue smaller.png

    It’s really fun talking with Allison Anders. I love her warmth, her wisdom and her humor. I’m inspired by her bravery in writing through very difficult subjects with honesty and heart. That’s a level of openness and vulnerability that leaves a lot of room for discovery.  And it engages the healing potential of creativity. Healing for her as the creator, potentially healing for the people who watch her films too.

    The songs and snippets you heard throughout the interview were from Allison’s films: