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“I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that what you came up with for the sponsorship copy was PERFECT. It came out so well and I'm really pleased to have been apart of the episode. It was a great conversation. As I listen to more of these I feel like the beginning of the conversation is this gathering of raw materials and by the end they've been put together or chiseled away in to this really amazing piece. It absolutely demands a full listen. You're doing a great job, I'm looking forward to the next one and let me know if you ever need anything!” — Steve S.


“Thank you for your podcast! I listened for the first time today to Kime's episode and found myself nodding along in agreement with so many things you both discussed. I've listened to the jealous curator and elizabeth gilbert's podcasts in the past and was disappointed. Your prep work is obvious and the empathetic, thoughtful questions are extremely satisfying. Consider me a loyal fan” — Lauren S.

“I’m an artist /musician/writer and massive green day fan for about 25 years; started my career w/ a Green Day zine in 97! Just wanted to thank you for this amazing piece of work. Im a prolific culture creator freak and love what I do— but my brain is wild and the interview couldn’t have come at a better time. . . Hearing this was vital! Plus, I literally havent gotten a chance to listen to my hero get so deep in his feels since fucking kurt loder did “green day raw” in like 95!!! Im an og punk bruja who loves growing up, towards universality— but I hate how complacent journalism can get! Even during this political era. People are either scared to cry or fight. I get that! But its necessary to get real right now. So thank you! “ — Cristy R.

“Hello Krissy, I just finished listening to your podcast with Billie Joe. As a 17 year old aspiring musician, I really enjoyed how in depth this conversation goes. It brought up a lot of my insecurities when it comes to making music and being creative. Me and my band are the only people in my high school that make music, and there isn't many people who would support us for it. One thing that you mentioned that I really enjoyed was that being creative has many benefits besides financial ones… I find comfort in knowing that if I can't make a living making music, I can still get that rewarding feeling for completing a song or performing for people. This episode really revealed that to me, and encouraged me to stay creative and keep making things for myself, and for others.” — Luke

“I just wanted to thank you for sharing your podcast with Billie Joe Armstrong. I have been big fan of his art since I was 12 years old, all the way back in 1992. I came across your podcast from a fan website “greendayauthority” that reposted it. I enjoyed both yours and his outlooks on creativity and the processes we all must figure out. I used to play in band and haven’t even picked up a guitar in years because life/work happened. Your pod cast inspired me to pick it back up. For no other reason than it used to make me happy. Thanks again.” — Josh

“Just finished listening to your podcast interview with Billie-Joe Armstrong. I'm a podcast AND Green Day fan so this one was a real must for me. It got me thinking about how I use my downtime, and in fact, why I call it downtime in the first place. Surely it could be up-and-down time? I have kids, a wife, a job etc. and I regularly convince myself that I don't have time to open up the reflective and creative part that I know exists within me. I play guitar and affords me some time to be able to transfer some of my experiences into music which I always enjoy. I always played in bands when I was in my teens and twenties. My wife is an art teacher and I think she's able to do the same sometimes within her artistic abilities. Hopefully we'll teach our kids the importance of the space that you talk about; the fun and creative space but also a time to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and explore parts of ourselves that we wouldn't do otherwise. Anyway, I just thought I'd drop you a line after listening to the episode; I really enjoyed it! I particularly liked the part where you talked about the moment you give someone a cookie that they have always loved and then wait for their expression. I'll look to do the same. Thanks so much & love from the U.K,” — Rob

“I’ve always wanted to know why she looked down on her early work, cause like you, I think she really had a much better and more distinctive voice and style than I think she gives herself credit for. You talked with her about that and even said how great her voice was. I loved that. I also found the discussion about the creation process and both of your ideas fascinating and enlightening. I feel like Aimee had a blast talking to you. Your questions were so thoughtful and your ideas so smart. I felt like the podcast was created for me alone. Ive listened to it 3 times already!” — David B.

“The Aimee Mann podcast was so inspiring. You are such a thoughtful interviewer. It’s the best interview of hers I’ve ever seen or heard. So many things I wanted to know about her as a longtime fan. Really well done!” — Mariahtenor